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but this street is quiet.
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hey there guys.

how is everybody doing!?  it's only the end of january and this year is already better than i had hoped.  it's been busy times.  i wanted to hop back on this bitch and say what up, plus give everybody a run down of whats going on in the world as far as me, my obligations i have yet to meet aaaaaannnd titties( for the record, don't ask a guy about his titties.  i've found they become rather vexed when asked their cup size).

!.) i'm moved into my new place.  i like it. a a bit too far from some people, but it has put me in a position to meet new ones, which i've been meaning to do for some time now.  the job is awesome.  i'm learning a ton of shit and fully bettering myself as a gymnast, which is sic.  and oddly enough i'm getting a fair amount of attention from these things called girls?  i had never heard of them before.  but i think i might like them....

@.) we're swiftly approaching 20,000 pageviews, son!!! that means it's time for more kiriban.  so as stated here forth i do declare that he/she with 20,001th (that's twenty thousand and oneth for those of you who can't count) pageview will receive a drawing of their request and my deepest gratitude.

#.) which brings me to my next topic.  i owe a lot of people thank yous for all the watches favorites and general support i have received this last 10,000.  i've been remiss in my response as of late.  so...... thank you.

$.) :iconshogunxiii: check it out! thirteen dope ass muhfuckas banded together in fuedal fights to bring you some shit you know you can't resist. these are some serious cats and it's gonna get busy so keep your eyes tuned in!

%.) i fucking hate danger.

^.)  i'm finally getting better! i was sick for like all of christmas/most of january.  it was some gnarly shit.  bloody shit coming out my chest type shit.  i loathed every minute of it, and i had to work the whole time which didn't help.  i just got my first days off this past weekend.  but i beat this lil' kids ass yesterday for not listening in class and wasn't weezing like my grandma afterwards, so i guess that's signs of improvement.

&.) Godan-GO! is coming.  be on the look out for some of the most righteous urban giant robo guitar combat breakdancing organ donating chineese restaurant type fist of fury action story you's ever heard of.  seriously.

and i'm getting tired of typing so i'll let you chew on that for a while.  you all take care.  eat your vitamins.  nobody likes a booger factory.

peas out!
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hey guys, what the fuck is up!?  i'm sick of that last journal entry staring me in the face telling me about how no one gives a shit that your friends are busting their asses trying to make comic books aaaaaaannd i put some new work up.  so i figgurs why not make it a two'fer?

BAM! have a journal entry.  i've still got a ragging boner from all that gainax shit i've been watching as of late.  i'm about to jump head first into some seriously fuckin' science fiction projects and i got a big feeling it's gonna show through.  finally got my hands on the rest of diebuster2.  yeah.

thanksgiving, while usually righteous in all aspects, kind of blew goats this year.  now don't get me wrong the weekend had it's ups, but mostly thanks to between the buried and me and awesome sex.  turkeys and pilgrims just couldn't hold a candle.  i was pumped to see my mom and sis (and a ton of kids i hadn't seen in at least six years!) and we all had fun burning ourselves on the fireplace.

meanwhle in the real world, work is relocating me!  it's welcome and unwelcome at the same time like so many things these days.  best part is the FIVE DOLLAR AN HOUR PAY RAISE and my living expenses being picked up.  i can almost smell the new car.

so put that in your bathtub, mr. bubbles!
seacrest, out!

xshaunx(needs a shower bad).  
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  • Drinking: the blood of my enemies
ok kids,

my buddy eric :iconericschock: is self publishing some anthology type comics.  nothing huge, but definitly nothing shy of a good time.  he's just posted info for purchase of issue #1 on the deviantART community forums.  i urge you all to at least go check it out and see some of the other artist that contributed to this book.  keep in mind that this is a labor of love for all involved, so a little feedback and attention goes along way.  

so get your eyeballs and grab your cash.  go check out this link, post haste!!!

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there may come a time in life when you need to ask yourself a series of questions

am i happy with who i am?
am i happy with the people around me?
am i happy with what i am doing?
am i happy with the way my life is going?
do i have life?
or am i just living?

don't let these questions restrain or trouble you. point yourself in the direction of your dreams.  find your strength in the sound, and make your transition....
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they are making street fighter 4.

part of me still refuses to believe it.  i hope it doesn't suck.  that would be a major disapointment.

go see :iconudoncrew: and their latest journal for a whole ton of info and trailer…

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i've seen it. i've finally seen it.  just saw the first episode, and i'm so pumped.  kamina is the shit.

gotta split.  need to go pierce the heavens with my drill...
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i'm retarded for titling this journal entry like that.  

my friend :iconpencil-ninja: got me.  i was running like hell, too.  

i figured i would oblige, so's not to be a total prick.  but in true shaun fashion, i'm a day late to the party (sorry hugh:()

so check it-
  1. Post these rules
  2. Each person tagged must post 8 random facts about themselves
  3. Tags should write a journal / blog of these facts
  4. At the end of the post 8 more persons are tagged and named
  5. Go to their page and leave a comment telling them they're tagged

check it twice-
  1. i hate posting random facts about myself.
  2. i love posting random facts about myself.
  3. i've been reading up on bi-polar disorder today.  i think i'm fucked.
  4. first thing i ever drew was the batmobile.
  5. it was all i drew for like five years, front side and back.
  6. i hate drawing cars now.
  7. i love my girlfriend so much it surprises even me.
  8. if she knew i said that she'd prolly call me a pussy.  it's why i love her:)

now comes my favorite part of this:D  

no tag backs! srsly.

Godan-GO!(that's a fact.)
:iconshaunoneil:i can see you!!!
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i need help!

i wanna make on eof those sick ol' fighting game id's that y'all gots floating around DA.  but i don't know how!  

can some one throw me a tutorial, or at least give me some direction?

thanks bros and hos!!!!!
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alright you heard the man.  right here right now, what are the top five street fighter alpha 3 characters... OF ALL TIME?!?!?

aaaaand go.

p.s. your sketch is finished, andy.  it's been finished.  i'm just letting the anticipation slowly kill you.
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hey guys!!!

i'm back from san diego, but not entirely. i think i'm spending the weekend out.  got back and found that the days i thought i had to work were figments of my imagination.  so i said 'fuck it', and left again.

but on that note...... san diego was amazing!!! the con was real real fun. i got to spend alot of time with some friends from all over.  and mad props to my friend lynn who's place i crashed at.  she lives in soloana beach (way nicer than any hotel!), and it was great to be able to spend some time  with her since i don't get to do that too often:)

as far as the actual con itself, let's just say, i made out way better than last year.  preparedness is everything, folks.  but i guess it's all a learning experience, righ'?  followedup with some awesome artists that i met in NC.  brian stelfreeze is still the man, by the way.  caught up with :iconkerong: again.  also the man, and don't you forget it! saw :iconthechamba: and :iconngboy: in person at udon.  and first night out, i ran into who of all people???  COREY FUCKING WALKER, THAT'S WHO!!!!  i swear i almost shit i was so pumped. it was hard to top.  there are still some people i didn't get to see that i gotta hook up with in this life time(you know who you are!!) but i guess if you do it all at once you don't have much to look forward to.

i also got to see some stuff for the iron man movie.  i hadn't seen any of it before then.  i was real stoked about the idea, but as soon as i read that robert downie jr. was playing tony stark....i did shit.  literally.  it smelled terrible.  but none of that phased me because robert downie jr. will be iron man.  and that's the bee's knees. honest.

oh! and as far as the page views thing, thank you all for the views and comments and favorites and support.  this community really has been an incredible experience for me and i hope it only gets better:) the 10,001 view drawing went to :iconpixelisedmind: who i think really deserves it and i'm very interested in seeing what he does with it!  keep an eye out cuz i wanna do this again soon.  i thought about doing a 10,101, piece because it was a cool number, but it blew right past before i could catch it!!! so thanks again, babies!

i'm rambling.  and i am not, contrary to popular belief, a ramblin' man.  plus liz just came in. and i love you guys and all, but not like that....


P.S. fast food on the west coast is sooooo much better than the east coast.  i know. i did scientific research.  with my tummy.

P.P.S.  if you don't know who corey walker is, you should be ashamed of yourself.  go here. know.


jersey crew, REPRESENT!
and as soon as i get a fix on tis cat-:iconcorankizerstone:
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that's right, kids.  go kill yourselves.  

no seriously, i'm coming up on ten g's, son!!! that is a milestone occasion for me.  so i figured i'd mark the occasion by drawing somebody a picture that they'd like.  seeing as how all the stuff i've been working on is stuff i can't show off yet, i thought this would be a good way to get into something i could post:D.  all these cats on da are knocking balls out of the park with the stuff they are pumping out and it makes me feel like a bum 'cuz i got nothing to step up with...

but, since i'm a complete fucker, you'll have to be on the lookout for ten thousand and one(that's 10,001 for the alphabet impaired), got it?  no dice for the guy who shows up early.

besides that i hope all is well for everyone.  congratulations to all you cats having babies, and best of luck to all you cats trying to stop looking like you're pregnant.  now stop reading this shit and go get a job, you bum!

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ok.  my turn to report on the weekend in NC....

well, in short, definitely the best con i've ever been to.  it really is a con for artists.  so much talent all under one roof.  the input i got out of this trip was second to none.  just makes me want to draw even more! which i thought was hard to do!

we left thursday at midnight, me :icondan-duncan: :iconboston-joe: :iconnissofness: and our buddy dan quiles.  it was the longest drive of my life yet, with a short break in virginia (thanks to the local law enfocement).  after ten hours of road trip, with a full day of work prior, we arrived just in time for the con with me on hour 26.  right in the door, i ran into my boys:iconchriscopeland: :iconjusdog: :iconcorankizerstone:.  needless to say i was pumped.  stopped by their table and picked up a copy of their sketch book.  shit is action packed! it was prolly the best start to a con ever.  those kids are on fire!  if you haven't heard about them yet you need to call somebody.

there was talent from one side of that room to the other.  keron grant, brian stelfreeze,  josh middleton, ed mcguiness!!!... list just goes on and on.  i talked to anybody that i could get my hands on.  got some real good critiques.  brian stelfreeze just blew me away.  that man was prolly the most constructive, well spoken artist i've ever met.  everything he told me was so helpfull.  i learned as much from hearing him go over my and my boys portfolios than i could ever have hoped to learn in any school.

got to meet :iconcheeks-74: in person.  that cat is another one that just blows my mind.  so good, and so personable.  gonna have to hit him up again at the next con.  i also had the pleasure of catching up with :iconwillcaligan: and his crew at the ape booth.  real friendly cats.  it's too bad i didn't get the opportunity to hang out with those guys more, they're a rare bunch

saturday night was unbelievable.  brag time.  i got invited by chris to go hang out with him and his bro, kizer, keron grant, and ed mcguiness!!!  while we were there mad heads popped in! it was a drawing mad house.  i met some real cool cats.  :iconrobinmitchell: (that dude was sick), :icon2508:, and this dude alberto ruiz.  his stuff blew my brains out! dude was unstoppable! it was a real cool opportunity to meet some serious heavy hitters.  made me feel like i need to step up hard.

sunday we finished up our rounds, talked to some folks one last time and then headed back to jersey, cop free. it was a blast.  mos definitely gonna have to hit that spot again next year (wiz world philly eat your heart out)

so, be on the look out. i got some serious projects coming up, and some great opportunities.  can't wait to get my feet wet!  next stop- san diego!

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so i hopped on to my page today and BAM! asterisk!  i got a three month subscription!  needless to say i am pumped.  if this is the result of anyone inparticular, please let me know so that i can thank he/she appropriately.

word money.  hope everyone else is fairing well. you guys are all fucking awesome! keep it up!

thanks again!
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new friends-

old friends-

the new friends are not really new, more like good friends who recently started accounts.  the old friends are more good friends, collaborators, both.  all of them are fantastic people, who deserve more credit than they get.  so stay in your chair a little bit longer and go check them out
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yo! i got a daily deviation! how cool is that? my shits all up on the front page.  thanks you guys, it wouldn't have happened with out your support:) now hurry up and get one too!

much love to you all!

EDIT: oh, yeah! and on my birthday too! what a coincidence. i almost forgot that shit
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...follow through.
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i'm begining to notice that there are alot of people on this website that are really into foxes. like, REALLY into foxes.  it's starting to creep me out...
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soooo, i died.  but the good news is it was only temporary. the bad news is i'm posting stuff for the first time in a while and it's complete crap.  been working on personal projects i'm not yet ready to post here on da.  the real killer has been the fact that my girlfriend is home from school:)

best. killer. ever.

second taker upper of my sweet, sweet time... reason number one got me an xbox 360 for christmas(sick!). two words on that subject...dead rising.  zombies and megaman in the same game. a dream come true

finally got a graphics tablet.  it's a blast.  real different and tough to get used to but i love it so far.  just been practicing on some sketches and random panels here and there. hoping to have something worth looking at soon, but don't hold your breath.
holy shit.  i blew up.  more than a hundred pageviews in a day and more comments/watches/favorites than the last two months combined!  i'm small fish here on DA, so that's a big deal for me. i want to send a thank you out to everybody who checks out my shit.  i'm inspired by all the great artists i have come across on DA and it generates alot of confidence to see people interested in what i do.  

and a huge thank you to for the support he's thrown down for me.  good lookin' out, bro!
(check out his work right now OR I'LL YELL AT YOU IN ALL CAPS!!!)

thank you all again, and keep up the good work!

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